Designed by a professional chiropractor, specialising in treating pregnant patients, Sharon Sackey has launched a new pregnancy pillow for the home market and is believed to be the safest prone pillow with memory foam layers for unparalleled comfort and support throughout all stages of pregnancy.

For over 50% of women, pregnancy can mean weeks or months of back and neck pain, but few people know that this can be completely avoidable if the right steps, including exercises and stretches, are carried out; and the best part – these can all be done in the comfort of your own home, with the support of the Belloost Home Pillow.

The Belloost Home Pillow creates a relieving spinal stretch to relax your back and neck whilst realigning your body and easing muscle and joint pain.

Research carried out in Australia in 2018* has also shown that pregnant women who spend time in the prone (belly-down) position** can achieve benefits from not only alleviating aches and pains but also can help reduce systolic blood pressure which is of particular benefit to the 6.5 million women globally who suffer with preeclampsia each year.

Fully adaptable, adjustable and supportive, the Belloost Home pillow changes and transforms over time to offer unrivalled comfort and support during your pregnancy.

Initially, it can be used as a supportive hammock, which is perfect for the early stages of pregnancy, then, as your beautiful baby bump grows and develops, the Belloost Home will cocoon and protect your prized possession; your bump, and support your breasts whilst you relax, re-balance and, most importantly, rest.

The brilliantly designed core facilitates balance and stability around the pelvis region to offer comfort but also the right amount of support to rest your delicate pubic symphysis, which can really help women suffering from symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD).

For extra support and a feeling of complete weightlessness, you can slide the compact insert under your bump for additional comfort and support when you’re lying and resting on your side or when you sleep at night.

The Belloost Pillow is available to buy direct from Belloost at and has an RRP of £147.00.

*Research published by BMC.

**The prone position is a position in which a person lies horizontally with chest down and back up. With appropriate support, such as the Belloost pregnancy pillow, it is considered a safe position for pregnant women.