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Book review: Hettie The Talking Yeti

Hettie The Talking Yeti Book Cover - Family & Wellbeing


Book review: Hettie The Talking Yeti

Book review: Hettie The Talking Yeti

We all know that one person who loves to natter – but that’s nothing compared to Hettie The Talking Yeti! 

Cute and cuddly she may be, but don’t let that fool you. As we learn of her many bizarre and mystical encounters, including everything from a giant with tiny, smelly feet to a snow and ice-breathing dragon (yep, that’s right!), we see just how brave and unflappable this fuzzy little furball with the bulbous blue eyes and little black horns really is. ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ springs to mind.

Not only is Hettie seemingly fearless, but she’s also got enthusiasm by the bucket load – sharing the tales of her adventures from dusk till dawn with anyone in her vicinity (whether they like it or not!) Even when Hettie’s asleep, she snores for England (or wherever it is that Yetis come from!) 

While Hettie’s indomitable spirit is endearing, her constant chitter-chatter – and general noisiness – is enough to drive even the most tolerant of people around the bend.

One little boy finds this out when Hettie arrives unexpectedly on his doorstep one day, hidden within a parcel plastered with labels saying “Free me,” and “Friend Inside.” It’s reminiscent of Pandora’s Box, only instead of evil spirits being released, out jumps a loveable little yeti who won’t stop blabbering!  

Hettie The Talking Yeti is a step into the magical mind of author, Joanne Hutchinson; a fun and amusing rhyming story, with bright, eye-catching illustrations, that will spark the imaginations of young readers and listeners alike.    

But one question still remains… what do you do with a yapping yeti, the chatterbox of all chatterboxes? We guess you’ll have to read the book to find out (and be prepared for a big laugh at the end!)

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Hettie The Talking Yeti - Family & Wellbeing

About the Author

Joanne is a children’s author based in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Renowned for writing acclaimed and best-selling children’s books, Jo is fast becoming recognised for her creative rhyming flair and has already achieved significant recognition for her outstanding work, with appearances on BBC radio, Talkradio, and Littleradio.

She creates vibrant, colourful rhyming stories for children to take you and your child on a magical journey to a new world that has been created specifically for children, called Mythical Land. This land is full of unique, wonderful characters who all live together creating a magical experience for everyone that visits. Each story introduces new characters and their own powers and enchanting personalities.

Her stories are fun, beautifully illustrated and help teach children the true value of kindness and friendship.

  • Hettie The Talking Yeti Book Cover - Family & Wellbeing
  • Hettie The Talking Yeti - Family & Wellbeing
  • Hettie The Talking Yeti Book Cover - Family & Wellbeing
  • Hettie The Talking Yeti - Family & Wellbeing
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