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Six family-friendly ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve Photo Booth

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Six family-friendly ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve

Six family-friendly ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve

Finding novel ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve can be a challenge, let alone in 2020. 

Instead of heading out to visit friends and family or attend large social gatherings, many of us will be welcoming in the New Year from home. But that doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun! 

Here are six creative ideas to help you and your family wave goodbye to 2020 (at last!) and say hello to 2021.  

1. Dress-up photo booth

We might not have an excuse to get all glammed up this year (for those of us who like to), but why not do it anyway and create your own family photo booth? 

Get the children involved by creating an imaginative background, either by using a big piece of paper which they can paint and draw on or dressing a blank wall with decorations. 

Then, raid the house for some quirky and amusing props, or make your own comedy moustaches/lips on sticks. 

You’re now ready to take some silly snaps which (if you like) can be shared with friends and family to make them chuckle and brighten up their evening, too! 

These fancy dress photos will also serve as a reminder of the not-so-normal New Year’s Eve of 2020. A moment in history to look back on. 

New Year's Eve Photo Booth

2. Create a 2021 wish jar

This one is simple but great fun all you need is an empty jar, paper and some pens. 

In the hours leading up to the bong of Big Ben, sit down together and plan some family adventures for the year ahead. 

To do this, ask each family member to write down (on separate pieces of paper) the things they would like to do, or the places they would like to visit, in 2021. A wish doesn’t have to be lavish, it could simply be going for a picnic at the local beach or forest. 

You can either have a set number of wishes per person or allow limitless wishes (note: proceed with caution if choosing the latter!) 

Each wish is then added to the jar. Together, they can help plan your family trips and activities throughout the year while keeping everyone (big kids and little kids) happy… Let the adventures begin!

3. A mighty movie night!

Make this movie night a mighty one! Pick a film your whole team is happy with and then create the perfect backdrop by lighting some candles, turning the fairy lights back on and gathering lots of pillows and blankets. 

And what great movie night is complete without a delicious array of snacks? Although chocolate and sweets will, most probably, be top of the list, why not try making some healthier snacks together earlier in the day? 

Fruit kebabs, hummus and veg sticks, healthy, homemade popcorn, and frozen yoghurt pops are all tasty alternatives to more sugary, processed treats. 

New Year's Eve Family Movie Night

4. A pop-up bar for the whole family

If there’s one good thing about a stay-at-home New Year’s party, it’s not having to queue for the bar! 

It also means you’re free to create your own pop-up version with a menu to delight the whole family. This could include mocktails, milkshakes and hot chocolates (with a selection of special toppings) for the children and, of course, some Prosecco (or Nosecco if you’re staying off the alcohol) for the adults.   

You could even throw in some extra excitement by allowing your little ones to create and name their own concoctions. Anyone for a glass of Gruffalo Gruel?

5. Family games night

Board games always come into their own during the festive period. But, this year, more than ever, they can provide an escape from the digital world of TVs, tablets, laptops, and phones – allowing us to spend some quality family time together. Just make sure you remember to turn off and tune in, so you can fully enjoy everything that’s going on – the competition, the chatter and the laughs. 

To make this a Games Night with a difference, you could play board games designed by your little ones or how about creating new rules for your favourite games? 

We like the idea of ‘Jenga with a twist,’ whereby a different action is written on each Jenga block. Players not only have to be careful about which block they choose, but also which action they’ll end up with. For example, if you pull out the block that says ‘Nursery Rhyme,’ you’d better be ready to give your best rendition of Jack and Jill! 

6. Join a virtual New Year’s Eve party (well, it is 2020…) 

If you’re one of those people, couples or groups that is craving the buzz of socialising with others outside of your immediate circle (something you love about New Year’s Eve under normal circumstances), then we may have the answer…

Now, there are numerous virtual events platforms and apps which allow you to enjoy fun, online social events including New Year’s Eve parties from home. With Citysocializer, for example, you can take your pick from Cocktail Hour & Games, New Year’s Eve Virtual Disco & Bar and Citysocializer’s Big Fat Quiz Of The Year, all accessed via Zoom (what else?!) 

Starting at just £4.99 to take part in, unless you’re a member of Citysocializer, all events are hosted by experienced events professionals who will help you join in if you’re on your own or maximise your experience if you’re already in a group.

Joining an online events community could not only help you to celebrate the New Year in style, but it could also lead to some new friendships heading into 2021 and beyond. Win-win!

Of course, a virtual New Year’s party could also be a good old-fashioned (yes, we can say that now) Zoom quiz, bringing together multiple households within your family. Sometimes, the simple ideas are the best!

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, we wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2021.

Virtual New Year's Eve Party

  • New Year's Eve Family Movie Night
  • New Year's Eve Photo Booth
  • Virtual New Year's Eve Party
  • New Year's Eve Family Movie Night
  • New Year's Eve Photo Booth
  • Virtual New Year's Eve Party
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