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The ultimate online resources guide for homeschooling

Online resources guide for homeschooling - Family & Wellbeing


The ultimate online resources guide for homeschooling

The ultimate online resources guide for homeschooling

We’re back at it again – homeschooling our little ones, while trying to hold down jobs, walk pets, cook meals, and juggle everything else life has to throw at us!

To help, weve made it our mission to bring together some of the best home learning resources all into one place.

We’ll continue adding to this in the weeks and months ahead, so do keep checking back. Parents, carers, kids – weve got you!

Pre-School & Primary

Good Play Guide 

0 – 11 years

Founded by research psychologist, Dr Amanda Gummer, Good Play Guide believes that play gives children the best learning opportunities.

Good Play Guide’s Home Learning Hub helps parents and families, and anyone involved with children’s development, find fun ways to promote learning – think of it as hiding the veggies in the pasta sauce!

Good Play Guide wants to foster children’s curiosity and sense of wonder, and also knows that children need to learn to read, write, count, etc in order to thrive.

With the belief that you shouldn’t have to choose between having fun and learning important skills, their approach promotes activities that develop the whole child, from reading and writing to confidence and communication, doing so in a way that enables them to celebrate their individuality.

GPG-Stamp TM - Family & Wellbeing

Nest Friends 

Primary years

Nest Friends has been designed to teach children in a fun and educational way about the variety of birds there are across the UK. It also helps them to keep track of how many birds they see in the garden, while on a walk or looking out of a window.

Every British bird has been turned into a bright bold character with simplified markings to help children spot them easily.

The Nest Friends website includes information on what each bird likes to eat and what time of year they are likely to be seen. There are also plenty of free resources available to download, including a bird ‘spotter sheet,’ colouring-in activities, craft ideas, and more.

Nest Friends Jay - Family & Wellbeing

PE Planning

Primary years

PE Planning’s experienced team of PE specialists has created a free resource hub of lesson and session plans comprising ideas and tips on how primary school children can exercise safely at home, boosting their wellbeing and mental health.

PE Planning specialises in delivering PE planning for primary school-age children which supports National Curriculum requirements. But the company also publishes free exercise advice for parents. There are lots of ideas for family-friendly exercise and games, all with the accent on fun.

There are indoor games, ball skills, dancing, and gymnastics – and even exercises that can be done at the kitchen table! There are also family fitness plans, so mum and dad can join in, too.

The ideas are all simple and inexpensive, so everyone can take part even without sports or other equipment at home.

PE Planning - Family & Wellbeing

Roots 2 Success

Primary years

Roots 2 Success was founded in 2011 to provide tuition for a range of subjects, particularly primary Maths and English.

In 2016, they launched their website to help parents access a cost-effective way of preparing their children for the 11 plus.

The site contains over 200 online tests in Math, English Grammar, English Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning. Parents buy credits to allow their children to take the tests. The tests are also useful for general Maths and English practice for children in Years 4 to 6.

To help parents struggling to educate their children during lockdown, they are currently offering a 20% discount on all purchases (just use the coupon code LD20 at checkout).

You can also access Maths videos on their YouTube channel, which were recorded during the first lockdown in March 2020. There are an impressive 58 videos available, covering a significant proportion of the Primary Maths Curriculum.

oots2success logo - Famiy & Wellbeing

Tiny Toes Ballet

6 months – 7 years

Tiny Toes Ballet, a nationwide school for learning through dance, is offering a Free Lockdown Programme (starting Monday 18 January and lasting 8 weeks).

This will provide online weekly activities aimed at children aged seven and under. These include dance, drama, cookery, and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) activities, supported by downloadable educational resources for parents.

Read our full article here.

Emma Morgan - Tiny Toes Ballet - Family & Wellbeing


All ages

New fitness app, TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT, offers an extensive variety of family-friendly workouts, for adults and their kids!

Free through January, their dedicated ‘AnimalFu’ workouts are designed to help kids learn the building blocks of physical fitness, including balance, flexibility, stamina, and coordination, while having fun. You can expect knee lifts, kicks, lunges, and sidesteps, all played out and performed by five of your favourite, animated and energetic animals! And yes, Mum and Dad can absolutely join in, too.

Aside from their family-friendly ‘AnimalFu’ workouts, the app features great versatility. You can expect options from HIIT to yoga, to barre, to circuit training, boxing and more.

It doesn’t stop there either, with exclusive mental health and lifestyle e-books for children/adults created by Dr Chris Williams, one of just a few whose work is prescribed by the NHS, as well as behavioural change content from leading doctors.

Pre and post-natal workouts for mums, inspired by Helen Flanagan and curated by pre and post-natal fitness expert Jane Wake, also feature, and there’s further celebrity inspiration with couples workouts from Gemma Atkinson and partner, PT and Strictly dancer, Gorka Marquez.

TRUCONNECT - Family & Wellbeing


3 – 11 years

Founded in 2010 by a husband and wife team, Twinkl, provides high-quality resources to educators around the world, including primary and secondary school teachers, nursery workers, and parents.

They have now brought together a range of free educational tools to support schools and families during this time.

This includes a Home Learning Hub, specially created for parents, which has daily activities for ages 3-11. The hub offers a range of resources including worksheets, crafts and educational games, as well as guides for parents to help them navigate the curriculum.

They are also providing free access to Twinkl Go!, a range of interactive and audiovisual resources suitable for all ages and covering all subjects. This collection offers hundreds of games, videos, audiobooks, and activities, which can be completed on any device.

Twinkl also has a collection of free partnership resources available with interactive video content to make digital learning engaging and fun, including materials with Go Jetters, Numberblocks, Guinness World Records, BBC Teach Live Lessons, David Attenborough, and Puffin books.

To get access to the resources on the Home Learning Hub or Twinkl Go!, individuals need to create a free log-in using an email address and password. No payment information is taken when creating a free account and there is no obligation to use Twinkl after the help is no longer needed.

Read our full article here.

Twinkl Logo - Family & Wellbeing

Wonder Adventures

3 – 10 years

With Wonder Adventures, your kids can enjoy Dino Escape Week with Ranger Ron (25-28 January) and Space Escape Week with Astronaut Buzz (8-11 February)!

These fun-themed adventure weeks, for kids aged 3-10, are delivered through live, daily sessions lasting 45-60 minutes.

Both weeks include interactive treasure hunts in your home, puzzles, games, songs, and routines to learn and copy, as well as live shout outs to make your kids feel truly involved and part of the adventures!

The Dino Escape Week includes time tunnel adventures hunting for dinosaurs and the Space Escape Week includes a virtual spacewalk!

Make action-packed memories at home with your children this lockdown, keeping them entertained, educated and active!

Registration costs £20 per week, with only one registration required per household. This provides access to the full week of interactive, live events (also available on replay), as well as bonus additional activities.

Sessions are delivered in a private Facebook group or private YouTube link.

Wonder Adventures - Dino Escape Week - Family & Wellbeing


2 – 6 years

1thousandays was founded by EYFS Montessori teacher, Sofia Pedrana. It helps families create meaningful learning spaces at home with a few simple steps, which is currently more important than ever, while also providing online education resources.

Mainly catered for children in Years 2-5, 1thousandays offers a variety of services including personalised Montessori shelves, room design planning and consultation, and individual learning programmes that combine a diversity of approaches, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and EYFS curriculum.

Its team has also created some great, engaging worksheets and fun activities, which are perfect for homeschooling. These can be downloaded from their website, either for free or for as little as 99p.

1thousandays also offers a 30-minute, free consultation to those interested in knowing more about its products and services.

1thousandays logo - Family & Wellbeing

Secondary School & A-Level


Secondary school and beyond 

Satchel is the team behind the award-winning learning platform, Satchel One, and recently launched Satchel Classes, a new online service designed to provide free access to learning opportunities for every child.

Satchel Classes offer free and low-cost, short classes, primarily aimed at secondary school students to support their catch-up learning, gain insight into future careers and learn about important life skills for the workplace.

Classes last between 20 and 30 minutes, and typically cost between £2 and £3 per session, with many free of charge.

Each class is delivered online as a one-way live or on-demand stream from the teacher and, while live lessons may include online polls, chat and Q&A features, students’ cameras and microphones remain disabled to protect their privacy.

As well as working with individual educational subject specialists and professionals, Satchel Classes has worked with some great partners including UCAS, online maths tutoring platform, SkyMath, and Adobe.

Satchel is currently running a free seven-day trial for parents, who can enjoy three classes free with the option to cancel at any time. The timetable for classes can be viewed here.

Satchel Classes - Family & Wellbeing

Save My Exams

GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level

The experienced tutor team at Save My Exams has created a wealth of free resources, including Topic QuestionsRevision Videos and lots of brilliant illustrated  Revision Notes for GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level students. Paying subscribers can also access teacher-written model answers.

They also have a free Study Blog, which is updated weekly with expert-written advice and support posts for students and parents.

Their Instagram page (@SaveMyExams) is also great for light-hearted content aimed at their community of international teens and tutors.

Save My Exams - Family & Wellbeing

Primary & Secondary School 

Be A Champion 30 Day Pupil Wellbeing Programme with Rugby League legend, Jamie Peacock

10 years and over in the UK (suitable for Year 6 pupils and above)

Jamie Peacock, in partnership with Schools Advisory Service (SAS), has created the Be A Champion 30 Day Pupil Wellbeing Programme, starting with a webinar on Monday 18 January.

With the sudden recent lockdown, Jamie and SAS wanted to help schools, academies and parents/guardians with resources to support their pupils and staff alike and to empower young people to look after their mental and physical wellbeing. This is why the programme is available to all schools in the UK at no cost, so tell your children’s teachers!

Read our full article here.

Jamie Peacock - Family & Wellbeing


Primary and secondary years

Braintastic! is the brainchild(!) of scientist and University of Cambridge Graduate, Ginny Smith, and was launched at the end of 2020.

It offers interactive science shows and workshops for schools, as well as a Science Club for children to enjoy at home.

It is currently offering lots of freebies, including its Science Club being completely free for keyworkers’ families and pay-what-you-can for everyone else.

Braintastic Logo - Family & Wellbeing


All ages

Based in Devon, but working nationwide, Thrive provides training to teachers, but also parents/carers, to support children’s emotional and social development.

Its robust training is based on neuroscience and child development research.

With over 25 years of experience, being used in 2,800 schools and nurseries across the country, Thrive’s trainers are former teachers and headteachers who are great at explaining what sort of problems children might be having and how the adults around them (teachers or parents) can support them.

Thrive has moved its training online, offering many free sessions focused on all ages that would be useful to teachers or parents.

It also provides an online parent toolkit, which it launched during the first lockdown, to help with activities aimed at enhancing children’s mental wellbeing and supporting parents themselves.

Thrive - Family & Wellbeing


Last updated: 17 January 2021

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  • TRUCONNECT - Family & Wellbeing
  • GPG-Stamp TM - Family & Wellbeing
  • Home Learning Hub - Family & Wellbeing
  • Braintastic Logo - Family & Wellbeing
  • oots2success logo - Famiy & Wellbeing
  • roots2success tests - Family & Wellbeing
  • Nest Friends Jay - Family & Wellbeing
  • Nest Friends Website - Family & Wellbeing
  • Jamie Peacock - Family & Wellbeing
  • PE Planning - Family & Wellbeing
  • Save My Exams - Family & Wellbeing
  • Online resources guide for homeschooling - Family & Wellbeing
  • Thrive - Family & Wellbeing
  • Satchel Classes - Family & Wellbeing
  • 1thousandays logo - Family & Wellbeing
  • Wonder Adventures - Dino Escape Week - Family & Wellbeing
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